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What I kept a secret through all of 2019

О чем я молчала весь 2019 год

What I kept a secret through all of 2019” 🙊 or “If youve been waiting for a sign to change something in your life, then this is it 

My darlings, throughout the entire year of 2019 I’ve been working on an incredible surprise for you all! 🥳 You already know that I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with all of you. That is how my line of long-lasting White Star Beauty lipsticks was born in 2017. And recently, I also launched my line of eco-friendly professional makeup brushes. Now, I want to share you with you the news about a project that has been worked on by a team of the most talented people I know – drumroll please – the first of its kind on the Russian market – an online beauty school with a set of individually picked lessons for each student, based on their unique face and eye shape – White Star Academy 🏆⭐

For the past 15 years of my career as a makeup artist, I’ve seen that almost every single lady has some sort of challenges with applying makeup. During this time, I’ve found all the answers and created a teaching system for regular women (not professionals) that will allow them to learn the latest and most beautiful makeup trends and techniques. 

💫 Would you like @sonya_miro to teach you know to glue false eyelashes and clusters, as well as how to contour your face and décolleté with cream based products?

💫 Would you like to learn along with @y_anosova 7 lifehacks how to draw the perfect cat eyes with eyeliner?

💫 Would you like to learn how to contour specifically your face shape and eye shape?

💫 Would like to learn how to create the perfect “smokey eyes” and “nude eyes” once and for all?

💫 Would you like to find out what 20 musthave products must be in your makeup bag but costs only 5,000 rubles instead of 30,000?

💫 Would you like to learn from a professional cosmetologist how to take care of specifically your skin type?

💫 Would you like to receive my luxury, long-lasting, matte White Star Beauty lipstick as a gift?

If you answered “Yes” to at least 3 of the questions, then click the link in the Bio of my Instagram account@irina.kirsanova and give yourself the gift of confidence, become the best version of yourself, and receive the pleasure of catching looks of admiration from others. 

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