White Star Academy

“You don’t have to know how to cook, but every woman must know how to apply makeup.”


Must!? Yes, but only because she owes it to herself. And possibly to her lover, who will surely fall in love with her for the second time or the one that will soon appear on the horizon.

During my 15 years in the beauty industry, I noticed that the most common reason why a woman doesn’t know how to apply makeup properly is that she applies makeup like everyone else and doesn’t take her unique features intoconsideration. That is why I often hear comments like “I can’t drawn the perfect cat eyes”, “smokey eyes can be drawn only by professional makeup aritsts” and “if only I had professional makeup like you…”. All these biases and otherchallenges are discussed in depth in my online makeup school #WhiteStarAcademy (link in my Instagram account Bio @irina.kirsanova). Every set of courses is individually picked by my team for each student based on his or her individual features, thus, not leaving any room for failure. And in addition to you learning the latest makeup trends and how to recreate them for your face and eye shape, you will also receive 6 bonuses!

💄My long-lasting matte White Star Beauty lipstick
💄Detailed instructions on how to take care of your skin type
💄7lifehacks on how to draw the perfect cat eyes from myself and @y_anosova
💄How to apply false eyelashes and clusters by @sonya_miro
💄How to visually enlarge breasts with cream-based products by @sonya_miro

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