Professional makeup brushes

Кисти для макияжа

Do you know how much of a perfectionist I am? A very intense one! I always want everything to be done perfectly. Lately, it’s been a challenge to find good quality makeup brushes because many popular brands have discontinued brushes made of natural hair. Basically, whatever is left – doesn’t impress me neither aesthetically nor functionally, or they simply cost too much. But if there is a problem, then it must be solved. So, I decided to create my own brushes that are a pleasureto hold in your hands and a pleasure to look at. Brushes that are made of natural goat hair and assembled by hand. This means that the hair keeps their original shape and thins out towards the tip, making them incredibly soft and fluffy. Thebrushes have amazing product pickup and blend perfectly. Applying makeup with them becomes an easy and pleasurable task. The set has 9 musthave brushes and I guarantee you, that you will fall in love with them! Otherwise, I’ll give you back your money 😉 And, by the way, I made the price super affordable for you.

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