About Individuality

About Individuality

Ladies, let’s talk about individuality.

I find this photo to be absolutely breathtaking. Three incredibly beautiful, but at the same time very different women. When I organized this photoshoot, honestly, I did not plan the looks in advance. For me, each guest in my salon is a blank canvas on which you can create hundreds of fabulous make up looks that will raise their self-esteem and give them unlimited confidence, but which one I choose depends on each guest’s facial features. Because something that emphasizes the individuality of one, will go unnoticed on the face of another, or even the opposite, can emphasize undesirable features. With these thoughts in mind, I decided to open my online makeup school – White Star Academy, where all the lessons are personally selected for each student’s unique appearance.

Each of us has our own strengths and zest, which of the 8 billion people on the planet are exclusively ours! But at the same time, many girls have idols and dream of being like them. And this is not surprising, given at least the fact that we live with ourselves every day and see our reflection in the mirror dozens of times per day. In other words, we’re a bit “fed up” with ourselves. Just imagine the following scenario – one girl wants to be like Kylie Jenner, who likes Cameron Diaz’s smile, who likes Angelina Jolie’s eyes, who always wanted to have Beyoncé’s body…well, you get the point. But in fact, each of them is absolutely gorgeous. Just like each of you! I want to urge you not to lose your individuality and not try to be like someone else. Try to competently emphasize your own beauty, both external and internal. Then, others will definitely notice you.


Makeup: @irina.kirsanova
Brushes: White Star Beauty
Lips: White Star Beauty Top Gloss

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